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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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football? the nfl season officially kicks off tonight. the special concert in san francisco today to celebrate the super bowl being played in the bay area this year. mornings on 2 continues. welcome back. thursday, is september 10th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we have breaking news. this is coming in now from bay point. a major fire has injured several people and damaged homes there. we've been following this early morning story for the past hour and alex savidge out there live in bay point. these flames quickly jumped are from one house to another? >>reporter: and i'm told by the firefighters that this is because of the proximity of the home that's why the fire continued to spread down the block. really a frightening morning. this is anchor drive behind us still blocked off as firefighters finish up their
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work out there. a total of seven people were hurt, mostly for smoke inhalation, one had burns as well. huge fire started just after 1:00 this morning. fire crews got out here and initially found two cars and two homes on fire. the flames spread to two other homes. took about an hour to get it under control. a total of seven had hurt, but really it's amazing that their injuries weren't more serious. >> lucky? particularly when you're talking about 1:00 in the morning and a lot of people are asleep or just gone to sleep, typically not up and about. detection of the fire is one of those things that you worry about. >>reporter: fire crews are still trying to figure out if there were working smoke detectors, if
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that's how some of these families woke up. four homes burned, two are destroyed. one we're told has moderate damage and the fourth home has what is described as minor damage. we do understand that some of the families are making their way back into their homes that were near this fire. a lot of people were forced out, as you can imagine this morning. the cause of this fire still being investigated. i asked the fire marshall out there on the scene if anything appeared suspicious about this fire and he told me at this point it is too early to tell. they'll have a fire investigator out here to figure out what started this huge fire. right now it's 5:02. we want to talk to steve about the weather. >> we do. >> there is fog. >> fog and much, much cooler temps. once the fog arrives it's only usually one more day before the inland temps cool down.
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around the bay temperatures are about two to eight degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. inland they're running warmer. big, big difference on some of these temps today. but the fog made it to parts of the city and the avenues on the golden gate bridge. our own antonio in daily city, very, very the thick fog. 53 degrees with 99% humidity in d.c. . so there you go. good friend wrote me an e-mail and says book it. i grew up in daily city. the fog will be back, trust me. and believe me, you i knew it as well. i've seen this so many times. 56 in san francisco. 55 in the marina. 75 by noon and then 68. i am crashing these temperatures because the fog is there. again it's pretty shallow but going to make an impact. 70s for some, 80s or others. sfo westerly at nine.
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look for partly sunny, mostly sunny day, hot inland. still 100, but coast and bay cools down with 60s, 70s and 80s. you know the drill, sal, daily city usually the first to get the fog. >> yeah. i want to ask you, what's -- i know it's kind of a stretch, but what's next week going to be like? >> cooler. cooler. 60s, 70s, 80s. >> steve, you're my friend. thank you very much. >> i aim to please. let's take a look at the roads. we're going to start off with the east band of the bay bridge going into san francisco. it looks like after a very small delay at the toll plaza. we're off to a good start. looking at the commute on interstate 880 north and southbound and the traffic looks good here. put in the back of your mind, the raiders have a home game
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this sunday at the oakland coliseum and there are going to be a lot of people there around sunday. don't be surprised about i that. if you're going to the game, probably think about taking bart so you're not caught in all that traffic on a sunday. >> walnut creek interchange looks good. no problems on highway 4. 5:05. let's go back to the desk. ths a developing story in the -- there is a developing story in the santa cruz mountains where a wildfire prompted an evacuation. started last night in the boulder creek area north of ben lowman. a building went up in flames, that triggered a grass fire. crews contained the fire, cleaning things up and evacuations ordered as a precaution because fire was burning along a main road. will no injuries, but the --
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road. no injuries, but the building was destroyed. grass fire burned here dangerously close to a mobile home park. crews spent more than an hour and a half to put out the fast-moving fire. investigators looking into whether the fire is connected the to nearby homeless camp. firefighters had trouble because there were no fire hydrants and creek were dry. pacheko fire has burned 215 acres, it is about 70% contained the at this time. started yesterday afternoon right near the san luis reservoir. initial reports suggest that a car may have caught fire and ignited the grass along the road. today's heat and hot weather means that once again students in the campbell union high school district will be sent home early. classrooms don't have any air conditioning and the school district worries about the health and safety of students at
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seven high schools. yesterday they were sent home midday. air conditioning price tag is $12 million. south bay, alan rock park will be closed because of the extreme fire danger. the park is often closed during times of high heat and high fire danger. time is 5:07. new in oakland, deadly shooting last night may have stretched to two different crime scenes. first started at 10:00 last night. oakland police haven't given us many details, but there are reports the confrontation may have ended in gunfire at 88th avenue. two people shot, one killed. the condition of the others has not been released just yet. san francisco man facing several charges of hate crimes and vandalism in connection with graffiti that targeted chinese
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people. 62-year-old john was arrested on tuesday, booked on five felony counts of hate crimes and five more counts of felony vandalism. the graffiti was spotted monday in several locations near mik layer an park. the graffiti read no more chinese. someone tried to cross out the word no. david kol poes holding a community rally supporting chinese merchants and residents in that area. today an arraignment scheduled for a bicyclist accused of smashing cars with a bike lock during a critical mass ride. 39-year-old was arrested over the weekend. he faces four felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. we showed you this video and police say he was seen in that
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video using a bike lock to mash the window of a zip car that got caught in the middle of a critical mass ride last month. two police officers arrested him after spotting him outside the billy joel concert at at&t park. nfl fans, sports fans, this is the day you've been waiting for. the nfl season officially starts tonight. first game as the defending champions, new england patriots hosting the pittsburgh steelers. it involves two east coast teams, but there is a pregame celebration right here in the bay area. that's because this nfl season will end here when super bowl 50 is played at levi stadium. kristen ischristian is here with more. >> are you ready for some football? >> yes. yes. >> i think everybody is. there is something for every
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football fan in san francisco today. the bay area's two pro teams coming together to welcome are super bowl 50. check it out. the 9 other noise performing a drum roll to welcome fans at pier 35. it's been transformed in the form of eight lombardi trophies on display. five from the 9ers, three from the raiders. fans get a chance to get up close and personal with players. bay area fans deserve to host are super bowl 50. >> it's very exciting. a lot of the players are in town and it's going to lead up to a spectacular day. >> the season long activities continue in san francisco today. the gates open to fans at 2:30
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this afternoon. in the honor of the nfl season kicking off tonight. ely goulding and train will be taking the stage. as you said, dave, nfl football kicking off tonight, steelers take on the patriots in the first regular season game. all that leading up to super bowl 50. in the next ten or 15 minutes i'm heading over and trying to get up close and personal with one of the lombardi trophies. i'll see if i can smuggle one back -- >> don't say that on tv. >> we're kind of spoiled here in the bay area. >> that's great, right. >> thank you, christian. 5:11. bay area police department is actually accused of police brutality. one man's encounter that led to a lawsuit. the damage in japan from a
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second straight day of severe weather. good morning. looking at the east bay commute. right now this morning the mcarthur maze traffic looking good so far getting into the bay bridge. fog comes back for some, not all. making an impact in san francisco, but inland still hot. we'll have the numbers coming up. today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8.
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. 5:14. following a developing story from japan. second straight day of heavy rain causing severe floods and landslides. people being rescued from rooftops after a river flooding. homes have been knocked off foundations. 90,000 people have been forced out of homes. one person reported missing. turning to the latest on the refugee crisis in europe, thousands are still fleeing conflict zones in the middle east. head is encouraging quota system for taking in refugees. and increasing criticism of countries who have not accepted any refugees. secretary of state john kerry told lawmakers yesterday the u.s. is committed to taking in
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more refugees. students and teachers at presentation high school in san jose are going to hold a prayer service today at 12:30 for those refugees who are seeking a siel um in europe. drivers in phoenix, arizona, say they're scared to be on the main highway. phoenix police say there have been at least ten shootings along the stretch of interstate 10 in the past two weeks. investigators say the case has become number one priority and they've brought in extra officers to patrol the freeway. police aren't sure if they're ought related or the work of -- all related or the work of several people. but drivers don't want to be on the freeway. city offering a $20,000 reward for help in finding whoever is responsible. video of a florida woman's bad behavior during a traffic stop has gone viral. palm beach county sheriff's office released this dashcam video who was driving 51 in a 20
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miles per hour. she stopped, first tried to get out of the ticket, but when that didn't work, her demeanor changed. >> ma'am. >> what? >> you are being cited for speeding. drive safe. >> no wonder you people get shot. you're absolutely -- >> thank you, ma'am. i appreciate it. you're welcome. have a nice day. >> the fine for speeding in a school zone in that area is more than $600. >> wow. wow in so many ways. time is 5:17. sal, you choke me up. because you're my traffic authority. >> i would dare say most people are are nicer than that woman. >> you would hope. >> and hopefully no one is driving that fast in a school zone. >> $600, baby. good morning, everybody. and i did not mean to call you baby, ma'am. don't e-mail me.
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let's look at highway 4 westbound. the traffic is moving along pretty well. there are already people getting on the road and some people, early in the morning they'll send me social media message something to the effect of what is it like today, what can i expect? and i'll tell all of you right now it's looking good. no major incidents out there. highway 24 moving along well from walnut creek to oakland. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza either. nice looking drive. this starts to change usually at about 5:30. westbound 580, slow traffic from tracy to livermore. let's go to steve in the weather center. i imagine that's a $600 fine out fees. >> yeah, they get expensive.
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heat advisories out for the coast. there you go. squint and you can see it. golden gate bridge and and temperatures in the city on the cool side, from 55 to about 59 for many with westerly wind. heat advisory for the inland areas is still on. canceled for the coast and san francisco. inland temps, one more day of 90s and 100. 75 in the city and they may set that around noon and start to cool down. there will be high and low clouds once the low clouds arrive. wind update, ocean breeze had a due east wind and 67 degrees at this time. southwest at 4, i expect that to pick up later this afternoon and evening. everything is in place for it to happen. 86 in oakland. the fog is there and also the breeze will pick up.
5:20 am
water temps are cool. 59, 59, 58. that helps and the lows on the coast and san francisco drop fast, which they're doing now. about 55 to 59 in areas that were ten degrees warmer than that 24 hours ago. 70s inland, 50s, 60s some. warm to hot day running ten degrees above. minus 7 sfo, oakland minus 3. minus 2 in santa rosa. few high clouds coming in as well. partly cloudy clouds here in the morning and tropical storm linda fall apart. some of the moisture may come towards us for the weekend. if it makes it, that would be an increase in the humidity factor. the weekend will be can cool with some high clouds. 90s and 100 inland. water's edge, 60s, 70s.
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80s, 90s around the bay. the stage is set for a cooler pattern as we head to the weekend. >> i'm happy with this morning. >> i know. it's time. >> i think most people appreciate the cooler trend. >> i'd say 99%. >> steve, thank you. 5:20 is the time right now. remembering the victims of the san francisco bound flight that crashed in the hands of terrorists. coming up in 20 minutes, the touching tribute tonight 93 that will officially open today in pennsylvania. new bill raising questions about what happens to your social media accounts after you die? up next, we'll tell you the controversy about it.
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. some state lawmakers want to answer the questions of what happens to all of those online accounts after someone dies? right now the rules depend on the site. for example, facebook users can choose to appoint a legacy contact. google also has a tool to choose who has access to e-mails and photos. southern california man introduced a bill denying families to digital information unless a person chooses to pass that information on to an heir. >> you're dealing with not just your privacy, but everyone else that i've been communicating
5:25 am
with. >> some end of life ad crow vocates say companies should be responsible too. common core testing results are in. it relies lesson memorizing things and more -- less on memorizing and more on real world problem solving. statewide, 44% of california students passed the english portion of the test. 34% passed the math section. the results also show that african-american and latino students are still lagging behind. >> unfortunately the achievement gap remains and that's a concern of ours. as we go forward with state testing, that's an area we're going to focus on. >> because common core is still so new, education officials say it's impossible to compare the results to earlier scores.
5:26 am
but they are comprehensive. 99% of the california students took that test. starting today you could be the proud owner of art created by animals. elephants, goats, even cockroaches have been busy making paintings. he willelephants use trunks, others use hooves and paws. money goes to conserving oakland zoos. last year the auction raised almost $10,000. time is 5:26. still ahead, 40 city council members and candidates are being investigated in san jose. up next the local election law they're accused of violating that has them in really hot water. live in union city where police need help identifying a man who forced his way into a home and sexually assaulted a
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woman. we'll tell you about the uniform he was wearing to try to gain the victim's trust. "it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!"
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. good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2, thursday september 10th. i'm dave mark, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it's just about 5:30 and going to get a little cooler for some pell. >> coast, city -- people. >> coast, city, parts of the bay. but still hot inland. >> was i nicer when you walked
5:30 am
outside? >> teeny bit. >> when you open the windows at night, there isn't really a lot of cool are air. >> there is for some in san francisco. 56 in san francisco, down eight degrees from yesterday. heat advisory still out for inland areas, not for the coast or san francisco. very thick fog on the golden gate bridge. heat advisory away from the coast, one more day. 75 in san francisco, probably around noon and then drops. big drop. west southwest breeze at ocean breeze. now it's 56. low clouds and fog, emphasis on low. they're working around the bay.
5:31 am
50s, 60s, near 70 for some. inland it's not going to matter although there are a few high clouds moving through. one more day of 100 degrees inland. speaking of the fog on the golden gate, maybe sal will show that. we have it for you, steve. when you have a request, a heavy hitter like you -- >> wait a minute. i'm at the mercy of the gentleman in the control room. >> good morning, everybody. this is a request for steve paulson and a lot of people. the fog on the golden gate bridge, it does look beautiful to some. it is covering the toll plaza area and in the western part of san francisco, it's going to be on the coast and a lot of people are happy to see it. a little damp on the bridge because of the fog.
5:32 am
thank you very much for requesting it. i love this picture. east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze, traffic moving well. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty soon the metering lights come on and there is a little bit of a crowd developing there. greater east bay, the only area where you see stop-and-go traffic according to the road sensors. but you do see slow traffic already. maybe i misspoke because here we are looking at the tracy triangle. very slow from tracy into livermore. you can see it on the map. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. developing news in had contra costa county, firefighters in bay point are making sure a big fire doesn't flare-up again. broke out this morning in a home on anchor drive near the bay
5:33 am
point library. these flames quickly spread to three other homes. the fire is out now, but two homes were destroyed, two others damaged, and seven people were hurt. >> thank god my son is okay. he say he has to jump from the window because when he was trying to open the door, the smoke and fire is already in his face. >> the fire also burned several veekz, like you see here. the -- vehicles, like you see here. the people think the fire started with a van that somehow caught on fire. alex savidge has been out there all morning and he'll be live coming up at 6:00. police are warning about a man sexually called a woman while posing as cable company employee. new details police are now offering in the case. >>reporter: we're had in the neighborhood where the -- we're
5:34 am
here in the neighborhood where the assault occurred just off of 880. police tell us a man walked up to a door in the neighborhood wearing a red comcast shirt to try to thick the victim. here is a sketch of what this suspect looks like. he's described as white, 30 years old, 5-9 to 6 feet tall. on the afternoon of august 24, the man knocked on the door on san ramon court, telling the woman he was there for a service call. the victim told the suspect they didn't have a service call and closed the door. that's when the suspect pushed his way in and sexually assaulted her. similar incident occurred north of tracy where someone claiming to be a comcast worker knocked on the door when nothing was scheduled. authorities need help identifying the suspect in this
5:35 am
case. comcast says that from time to time a service worker will sometimes come unannounced, but if that's the case that you can always ask for that person's id. if you're still unsure, put in a call to comcast to see if anyone is suppose today to be at my house now. time 5:35. san jose ethics commission is launching investigation of 40 city council will members and candidates who violated local election law. nearly every member of the city council, including the mayor, violated the city's election code by failing to properly report late campaign contributions. back in june the commission fined one council member $10,000 for missing or late campaign filings. the council members claimed the city clerk for giving bad advice leading to conclusions and the
5:36 am
city clerk acknowledged the error. 10-year-old san leandro boy hit by suv yesterday morning on his way to school is still in the hospital this morning. this happened about 8 a.m. yesterday right across from washington elementary school. police say the boy was walking bike in a crosswalk when he was hit by a chevy tahoe. he suffered several broken bones including arm and and color bone as well as fractures to leg and rib. doctors say his bike helmet said him from having head trauma. the driver in the case may be charged. there was another crash at a dangerous crosswalk where a young child was hit by a car and killed five years ago. of in the latest incident, police say a car hit two 13-year-old girls walking on schneider lane atmel center drive yesterday morning as they were going to school. one of them broke a leg, the
5:37 am
other suffered scrapes and bruises. investigators are checking into whether the driver may have been distracted by cellphone at the time of the incident. 2-year-old callie and mother were walking home and hit by a car at the same crosswalk in 2010. callie killed and mother suffered severe injuries. the family sued the city, but dropped the lawsuit. driver jailed for five days after pleading no contest to vehicular manslaughter. oakland police department teaming up with fbi to try to get answers about unsolved murder of uc burkely students -- uc berkeley student. he was returning home interest pickup basketball game a day before 23rd birthday. he was rear-ended, got out of his car to talk to the other driver and mraes say that's when
5:38 am
he was shot. the american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit accusing three san francisco police officers of racial profiling and beating a young black man. the aclu claims last april 23-year-old travis hall was arrested for no reason. he was stopped outside his san francisco apartment because he's black and was three other black people and had had arabic writing on his shirt. >> that night the officers automatically assumed i was doing something wrong because i'm black. in that that moment i felt lep hes, like there was nothing i could do. the officers violently beat me and forced me to stay up all night in jail. aclu seeking jury trial and compensation are from the city of san francisco. city attorney's office declined
5:39 am
to comment. group planning to protest outside the whole foods in protest to antiblack violence. a guard of seen beating up an african-american customer last week. witnesses say that customer got into an argument with the cashier and the guard slammed the shopper to the ground, are knocking him unconscious. all managers suspended and want the man compensated. whole foods says new security fifrm firm was hired and no longer carry guns. los angeles police the father of three young boys stabbed them to death yesterday morning. boys between 8 and 12 years old. bodies were found inside an suv parked near an elementary school in the southern part of la. the boys did not go to that school. police believe the father killed those boys, then stabbed hill
5:40 am
self several times. he is in critical condition. if the father survives, police plan to arrest him of the investigators don't know of a motive for the killing. members of a band narrowing escaped limo fire in san jose. it's on interstate 280 near cedar creek boulevard. it was carrying six people from a band called jely's red dragon cartel. noticed electrical short just before 6:00 last night. quickly evacuated the limo and no one was hurt, but was a reminder of that limo fire two years ago on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. state senate could vote today on a bill that would give people who are terminally ill the right to choose when and how they die. state assembly voted to pass the end of life option yesterday.
5:41 am
it would allow terminally ill patients to get a doctor's are prescription tore medicine to end their lives. bill was inspired by brittany menard who had terminal brain cancer. 29 years old and moved from the bay area to oregon. they say many never use the prescription. state senate expected to pass the measure. the bill would then go to governor brown's desk. claims of new york city police officers using excessive force. coming up in our next half hour, the incident involving a former professional tennis player that led to an internal investigation. the memorial of flight 93 that's about to open in pennsylvania. good morning, looking at this commute that's not too bad
5:42 am
as you pass mission. we'll tell you a little more coming up. like clock work, three and out, fog arrived. daily city and san francisco. for others it's going to be a hot one. we'll have the break down of the temps on this thursday.
5:43 am
5:44 am
. time is 5:44. tomorrow will mark 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack that changed america back on september 11th, 2001. today a new memorial for those that were on flight 93 will open. brian flores in our stud yoe to show us what the memorial looks like, it's beautiful, dave. it opens today in shanksville, pennsylvania. monument for the victims of
5:45 am
flight 93, the san francisco bound plane. the parks service opens the memorial in the field where the flight went down. this is time lapse video showing construction of this monument. shows construction from august of 2010 until last month. the finished memorial guides visitors on a narrow path between two walls that portray the wings of the plane. it opens to the field where the plane crashed. there will be a 93 foot display called tower of voices. the sfo bound plane was the only bay area flight involved in the september 11th attacks. all passengers and crew were killed that day, many after storming the cockpit and steering the plane away are from
5:46 am
dc. eight people on that plane, including my friend, had called the bay area their home. coming up at 7:30, we'll be speaking with alice hoagland who's son was on board that flight. he's considered one of the heroes who fought the terrorists on that plane. >> i didn't know you had a friend on that plane. >> yeah, we worked together, is he jam ba juice in la jolla. she was on that plane and i still get choked up now and then. >> and you run into so many people who had some kind of connection with someone on there. yeah. people in san bruno gathered for a memorial last night to mark five years since the deadly pg&e pipeline explosion. eight people were killed, more than 60 others injured in that
5:47 am
explosion and fire. 38 homes were completely destroyed, 17 others severely damaged. the neighborhood is recovering although many people say the progress is slow. not only were so many homes lost, but the city's infrastructure was badly damaged, which is taking time to repair. >> there is a lot of dirt and construction and trucks and it doesn't look like anytime soon it's going to be finished. so it's very frustrating. >> along with the rebuilding, the legal fight continues. pg&e facing 20 criminal charges. time 5:47. sal watching your commute, highway 24 and everything else. >> that's right. we're looking at the east bay, but also have a problem in san francisco that we'll talk about. highway 24 as you drive from the walnut creek area to oakland,
5:48 am
not a bad commute. no major problems. bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moving along nicely until you get to the actual toll plaza. let me take that back. the metering lights have turned on and it's about a 15 to 20 minute delay. my attention is focused on this problem in san francisco, northbound 101 at 280 interchange. issued a sig alert for this. sand barrels are going to be busted up by an earlier crash and they have to clean them up. two right lanes are blocked and traffic is backing up almost from the old candle stick exit. remember that park we used to call candle stick that's no longer there? traffic is backing up getting into san francisco. the alternate is 380 to 280.
5:49 am
5:48. let's go to steve. speaking of the old candle stick, i was watching a reds broadcast and jeff brantley was talking about playing at the old candle stick with al rosen. >> yeah. >> we're going to be talking about those guys in the home, steve. >> i'm not too far. i'll be playing shuffle board with you. fog is back. it won't make a huge impact for some, in fact no impact if you're away from the coast. but tpz are down eight, nine degrees for some. heat advisory is still in effect, but not for the coastal advisories or san francisco. it's still in the 90s and 100. change is brewing fast for the city. oesh absent beachcean beach 56.
5:50 am
75 is the high and then the breeze update or the wind update. west, southwest, once the fog arrives, usually the wind does too. around the bay, downtown oak hand, 86. my -- oakland 86. my forecast for the coast and bay are cooler than others. water temps are cool. 59. 59, 58. a few high clouds in the mix. some partly cloudy skies, but hot inland. 70 for some already. some areas are running warmer and near the bay they're running two-eight cooler. there in lies the rub, if you will. west and 9 at sfo. other locations have no breeze
5:51 am
whatsoever. high clouds are there. tropical storm linda falling apart. arizona and new mexico where it won't stop raining, 100 for many inland, one more day at least and then 60s, 70s, 80s as you get closer to the water. tomorrow inland areas cool down and next week looking much cooler for everybody. . >> and cooler meaning back to -- >> 60s, 70s and 80s. >> okay. which is normal for this time of year. it can be pretty warm in september. >> that's right, pamela. >> thank you. i love when people tell me i'm right. 5:51 and nfl season kicking off today. celebrations for super bowl 50 kibing off. bay area very excited. coming up in 15 minutes, the
5:52 am
preparations for a big event today. a sneak peak at the new emojis apple users can use on their phones coming up.
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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. those rules were adopted after a moat eyed cable car run by the same company killed a woman in front of city hall last year. if you happen to have a ride the ducks ticket, you can get a refund. the company operates in other cities. keeping an eye on apple stock after the big announcement yesterday. another good day today, up again. investors seem to be encouraged by apple's plan to take over the living room in homes around the world. tim cook introduced three new products that some say leap frog anything others are offering. faster iphone with longer battery and pressure sensitive screen. apple tv set top box with more
5:56 am
user friendly remote and opens the way for new games and apps. third is bigger ipad with sharper screen definition, option at keyboard and electric pencil for precise drawing and designing applications. >> this is apple making a statement that says we're going to be much more proactive in going after the business customer with our ipads and the ipad pro is a great tool for business. >> also new software for the apple watch, but for now the iphone is the most important apple product. how many apple fans actually feel the new features are important enough to upgrade after more than 183 million new iphones were sold just last year. other thing apple unveiled are the new emojis, including a taco and a bur eat 0, -- jet --
5:57 am
yesterday developers were able to see the new emojis. a block of cheese, turkey, lion, unicorn and dave, your wife and i like this one, bottle of champagne. inspiring group of women hoping to increase best cancer awareness by getting cars here in california to go pink. group of breast cancer survive orz called the survivor sisters created this license plate, money goes to help provide women get mammograms. hoping to encourage more women to get tested. the pink license plates cost 50 and if you want to person eyes them, $98. coming up on 6:00 hour and boy a tough story to report. seven people hurt after flames
5:58 am
actually spread to four homes. this was in bay point early this morning. another live report on the damage that was done and where the fire may have started. we're going to check in with alex savidge who is out there. and you may remember forler oakland mayor involved in a car crash while she was mayor. the settlement just agreed to after the other driver sued. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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. good morning. massive fire burns four homes here in bay point and sends seven people to the hospital. what we're learning about the severity of injuries and also where this fire may have started. the community out to support the family of fallen hayward police sergeant scott lunger. the big donations going to loved ones after a very successful fundraiser. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. the it is thursday, september 10th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. the big question for steve is is it going to be as hot as yesterday? >> for some yes, for


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